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Songwriters, Composers, & Copyright Owners! Join our ever growing list of members securing placements for their music on record, film & TV, adverts and computer games. For more on our packages click:
What is Song Tank? Download our pdf here.
Commissioners, Buyers & Licensors of Music! Join our rapidly expanding list of businesses and individuals successfully using Song Tank's vast member base of professional music creators to source music for their products. Why not give it a go? It's totally free of charge!

What is Song Tank?
Download our pdf here.
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Featured Member
Steve Lee

This month we talk to songwriter Steve Lee about surviving the songwriting rat race. Read his interview here
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What's new in the tank

Song Tank is 5 years old this year!!!

And to celebrate, we have some very exciting things lined up including new functionality, a bit of a make over and possibly a little party!

Stay tuned for more info!

"I think Song Tank is a great idea - easy and effective to use with high quality members and material. We will certainly be using the site in the future."

Ferdy Unger-Hamilton
Managing Director, Virgin Records.

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